4 Things Seniors Should Know About Using Taxis

Posted on: 20 April 2015

If you're a senior citizen who has been driving for most of your life and have recently decided to let someone else do the driving from now on, you've probably already decided to include taxis as one of your modes of transportation. However, if you have not used taxis on a regular basis before, there are several things that you should know about using them to meet your transportation needs that will help make life as a carless consumer easier. Following are four of them.

Accessible Taxis May Be Available in Your Area

One of the reasons that many seniors and others who might be experiencing mobility issues are reluctant to take taxis is because they're notorious for being hard to get in and out of. However, many taxi companies have added vehicles to their fleets that provide those with limited mobility with greater accessibility, so be sure to investigate your local taxi companies to find out if any of them provide this option. Virtually all large cities have at least one taxi company that offers accessible taxis, and this amenity is also found in many medium-sized cities as well as smaller towns that have significant populations of retirees.

You Can Set Up Standing Appointments

Trying to hail a taxi on the street can be time-consuming and stressful. Calling one in advance will spare you the ordeal of trying to hail one from a crowded sidewalk, and you can also create standing appointments with the taxi company of your choice for grocery shopping and regularly scheduled social activities. For instance, you can decide which day of the week and what time is most convenient for you to go grocery shopping and schedule a standing appointment with a local taxi company to provide you with transportation to the store and back. Rather than have the taxi wait for you while you shop, make arrangements to be picked up in half an hour or however long it normally takes you to shop. Choosing a supermarket  that has a small coffee shop attached will provide you with a place to relax while you're waiting for your taxi.

Some Taxis Don't Accept Pets

This can be a real conundrum for those who need to take their furry friends to appointments with their veterinarians or groomers. Some taxi companies may allow small pets if they are kept in approved carriers, but some simply disallow any pets at all to enter their vehicles with the exception of service animals. If you can't find a taxi company in your area that will allow you to transport your pet, check to see if anyone in your community operates a pet taxi service. If this is not the case, mobile groomers are becoming increasingly popular in many parts of the country, and many veterinarians are also offering mobile services.

You May Be Eligible for Subsidies to Help With Costs

One of the reasons many senior citizens hesitate to rely on local taxis to meet their routine transportation needs is the reputation that taxis have for being expensive. However, some taxi companies offer discounts for senior citizens, and there also subsides available to help defray the costs. Subsidy programs are managed by municipal, county, and state agencies, rather than by the federal government, and may vary widely by location. Your local senior services office will be able to provide you with information about available assistance in your community, and the U.S. Administration on Aging has an Eldercare Locator that can help you find the places in your community that may be able to assist you with transportation subsidies.

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