Need New Office Furniture? Consider Going Ergonomic

Posted on: 21 April 2015

If you're in the market for new office furniture, you might consider looking at ergonomic options. The following is a little bit of history on the subject and a listing of four reasons why switching to comfortable, fatigue reducing office furniture from places like D & R Office Works, Inc. is a smart move.

A Little Ergonomic History

The word "ergonomics" was coined by Wojceich Jastrzebowski in 1857. It means "how to work according to nature." Later in the 19th century, Frederick Winslow Taylor introduced "scientific management," a method of boosting production and reducing injuries in factories by improving the methods for completing tasks.

It was the aviation industry, specifically the military, that ushered in the ergonomic age. Before World War II, aircraft manufacturers built plane cockpits in one standard size and found pilots to fit. They also installed the instrumentation wherever it would fit instead of placing the controls where it was more convenient for the pilot. This design was a continuation of the factory mindset of creating a work scenario and expecting workers to adjust.

The advent of WWII highlighted the fact that even though the planes were mechanically sound and the pilots well trained, there were far too many crashes due to fatigue and subsequent pilot error. Alphonse Chapanis, an army officer, replaced the haphazard controls with user friendly ones. It was the first case where the machine was designed to fit the human, which is the essence of modern ergonomics.

Four Reasons to Go Ergonomic in the Modern Age

Ergonomics has come a long way from its infantile beginnings in those World War II planes. Today, companies of all sizes embrace workplace ergonomics for these four reasons.

Keeps Workforce Healthy

The primary reason for investing in ergonomic office furniture is to keep your workers healthy and productive. An ill fitting chair can play havoc with the spine, lower back and joints. A desk and/or computer monitor at the wrong height can contribute to eye strain and neck problems. Poor posture may also increase the odds of getting carpal tunnel syndrome, affecting the hand, wrist and sometimes the forearm. A leading cause is a lack of support when keyboarding or using a mouse. An adjustable chair placed at just the right height helps minimize or eliminate these issues.

Attracts New Talent

Going ergonomic gives a company bragging rights. It also makes that firm look attractive to high-end, skilled talent. No matter the condition of the job market, potential employees do take in the office environment. In a case where multiple job offers are being considered, those sleek, ergonomically friendly desks and chairs and user-friendly electronics may give your firm the edge.

Adds Economic Value

Purchasing good quality ergonomic furniture may be a bit more expensive upfront, but it saves money in the long run. First, think of it as an investment. Not only does your office look good, which is attractive to employees and customers alike, the environment makes your workforce happier to come to work. Also, just like a luxury car tends to hold up better than a cheaper economy model, your ergonomic furniture won't have to be replaced as often due to normal wear and tear. 

Makes a Fashion Statement

Investing in trendy, well-made ergonomic furniture makes a fashion statement. Where once black was the norm, color is in. You may look for something space-age, reminiscent of something on "Star Trek."  Imagine sitting down in a soft-as-butter chair contoured to fit your body. Your desk is lipstick-red, consisting of multiple padded surfaces and a triple-wide monitor. Or, you might go for a more contemporary look with a clean-lined desk having an oversized top, plenty of storage space and that comfortable adjustable chair.


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