5 Ways To Optimize The Benefits Of Your Call Center's Security Services

Posted on: 30 April 2015

Hiring a security company, such as Security Services Northwest, Inc, to patrol your call center's premises provides you with around the clock protection, emergency responses, and surveillance options. Security officers provide protection for your call center employees too. There are a variety of things you can do to make the most of your call center's security services so you know you're getting your money's worth – here are 5 options to consider:

Provide Laminated Identification Cards

It's important to make sure that everyone who is authorized to spend time in and around your call center is easily identifiable so that those who shouldn't be there can be quickly spotted by security. An easy way to identify your security officers and call center employees is to provide everyone with a laminated identification card.

These cards should include a name, photo, and title whether a supervisor, call center agent, or trainer. If possible, create a database coinciding with the identification cards so your security officers can look employees up to see which shifts they're supposed to be working and which section of the call center they are and aren't supposed to be frequenting.

Hold Security Meetings with Management

A great way to ensure that everyone in your call center is on the same page is to hold monthly security meetings with your management team. With your security team present, your managers' concerns can be addressed without question and specific security plans can be made to minimize problem areas within the call center.

For example, if you're having trouble keeping agents on the phones and out of the break room, your security guards can be advised about which employees they should watch out for and when to send them back to their cubicles. These meetings also provide you with an opportunity to update both management and security about employees who are no longer with the company and shouldn't be on the property at any time, with or without an identification badge.

Buy and Install a Video Monitoring System

It's beneficial to install a video monitoring system inside and outside of your call center to help document accounts that your security guards are faced with and to catch situations that the guards may not be able to. Video documentation of things like detaining trespassers can help support your business if you end up in court. When enough cameras are set up inside, your video monitoring system can also identify call center agents who may be stealing sensitive customer information or sleeping on the job. 

Create and Maintain a Security Shift Log

To make sure that your call center agents and management team knows who to rely on at any given time there is a security issue, it's a good idea to create and maintain a security shift log for everyone to refer to. Include the log in a weekly newsletter or on a company intranet so it's easy to access. Your log should include the names of each security guard who works at your site as well as the dates and times that they'll be available to your employees.

Manage an Ongoing Reporting System

The best way to track security incidences for future reference is to manage an ongoing reporting system that your security officers can tap into to document important instances they come across while working. Whether dealing with an upset employee, handling an unruly agent who refuses to take or make phone calls, or addressing a trespasser who isn't willing to leave, every incident should be documented complete with a written report and at least one photo if possible. You can print reports on paper for your security team to use when they're on duty, or create a database in an intranet that the guards have access to.

With some of these methods and techniques put into place, you'll ensure a safe environment for your security team, your call center employees, and all of your assets within the call center. 


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