Crazy Security Gadgets You Might Want To Consider For Your Home

Posted on: 6 May 2015

Installing a home security system is a very common way to keep unwanted intruders out of your home and to signal the proper authorities if anything goes wrong. If you'd like to take your own home security a step or two further, consider these unusual devices and ideas. Some of them are a little bit over the top, but you can't be too careful when it comes to security.  

Fake Television Light

Do you want to make it look like somebody is home even when you are away? You could install timers on your lights, but you'll really make a statement with a little box that emits light mimicking light from a television. Potential intruders will think you are at home in front of the television and will look for a vacant house to break into instead.

Smartphone Cameras

You might have security cameras installed in your home, but are they linked to your smartphone? These nifty machines allow you to see what's going on in your home at any time, day or night. 

Smoke Screen

Install a mechanism in your home that triggers a smoke screen when someone enters unannounced. The potential burglar cannot see through the smoke, making it impossible to steal from you. The intruder will not know that the smoke is harmless and is likely to flee in case the smoke is actually a toxic gas. 

Law Enforcement Grade Speakers

If you live far away from other homes or want to be especially vigilant about protecting your valuables, you can buy a speaker system like the type used by law enforcement. These speakers send out a deafening sound that will alert neighbors miles away and will certainly scare an intruder. 

Barking Dog Recording

Are you looking for the security benefits of a dog without actually having to feed and clean up after a dog? You can buy or make a recording of a barking dog to play when you are away from home. A report from North Carolina State University states that when convicted burglars were asked if a dog would deter them from breaking into a property, 65% said yes. 

A Talking Home

Your security system doesn't have to include an alarm. You can have a house that actually talks to intruders when security is breached. Your house can ask potential burglars what they are doing in your home and tell them that your house is calling the police. 

Hidden Microphones

Hide microphones in your home that are triggered by movement. The microphones send an alert to your smartphone, which allows you to actually listen in to what is happening in your home at that moment. 

Shocking Door Handles

Do you think someone is trying to enter your home while you are away? You can actually rig your door handles to send an electric shock to anyone who is unfortunate enough to grasp them. This is an extreme measure, and you should post signs if you are planning something like this. 

360 Degree Infrared Camera

Take a page from professional spies, and get yourself a 360 degree infrared camera. This fantastic gadget will record film 24 hours a day and is constantly moving, so you get a video of every angle in your home. The infrared feature allows it to see in the dark, so nighttime will not be a safe haven for criminals at your house. 

Most security systems work well when it comes to protecting your home, but over achievers will find that there are plenty of security gadgets to add that extra element of protection to any home.  For more information, contact a local security company or visit


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