4 Lifehacks For Keeping Your Fridge Clean So It Won't Overwork Itself & Burn Out

Posted on: 30 October 2015

Not cleaning out the refrigerator can actually break it. If it's packed too full of old food, air won't circulate and your fridge will have to work overtime. The motor and condenser could burn out because you're not keeping it properly cleaned. If you are having trouble keeping your refrigerator clean, you need to know some of these life hacks for keeping it clean and organized.

Stacking bottles

Beer and soda bottles take up a lot of space in the fridge.  One great way to save space is to lay them down and stack them. So how can you stack bottles without them rolling around? Use a binder clip. This will work if you have bar shelves. Stick the binder clip between two of the bars, and it will keep the bottles from rolling. Now, you can stack them like a pyramid between the binder clip and the wall of the fridge. This way, you use less space and have better airflow to keep your fridge running properly.

Catch Spills

Food can leak and drip. Kids often spill drinks that they are trying to grab out of the fridge too. If you have bar shelves, there are a few ways you can catch the spills so they don't drip down to the bottom of the fridge. The first way is a cookie sheet. Buy cookie sheets that fit over the shelves and then put your food on top of them. If you don't want to do that, you can wrap your shelves in aluminum foil.

If you already have flat shelves, the mess will just spill on the shelf instead of falling to the bottom. To keep stuff from drying to shelves and having to scrub it off, wrap your shelves in cling wrap. You can even buy decorative cling wrap with patterns and designs. You shelves will look pretty while being protected. The night before you go grocery shopping, just clean out your fridge and replace the wrap. When your fridge is clean, you will be more motivated to keep it cleaned out.

Make Items Accessible

When you have a ton of small items in the fridge, it turns into a problem. You go to grab something and you knock over the item next to it or behind it. Sometimes you get the whole domino effect and everything goes plummeting down. Making your items easier to access will eliminate this problem. You can do this by putting in a lazy Susan turntable. You can buy turntables from just about any department store. Just set it on a shelf in your fridge and set some of your smaller items on it. This keeps your items from getting stuck in the back, forgotten about, and over-packed in your fridge.

Small Baskets

You have probably seen dozens of picture where people use small baskets to organize items on shelves around their home. The baskets work great for bookshelves, pantries, and many other areas. One thing people don't do is put them in their fridge. Why not? Putting small baskets on the shelves in your fridge will allow you to organize your food much more easily. This works especially well if different members of your family like different things. You can put quick-grab snacks for your children in one basket. It will keep them from rummaging through the fridge and knocking everything over. They can simply pull out the basket and decide what they want to eat. If you have leftovers, you can stack them in another basket so they aren't forgotten about. When it's time to clean out leftovers, you can just remove the basket instead of digging through your fridge and trying to find them all. If your items are grouped in baskets, you will have more space in your fridge and it won't overwork and break as quickly.

Keeping your fridge clean is important. If you don't keep it clean, you will overwork it until the motor and condenser finally burn out. If this happens, you will need costly repairs, or you'll need to have your refrigerator replaced. Try these methods for keeping it clean and organized, and call a repair company like Jensen Appliance & Refrigeration if your fridge shows any signs of problems. 


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