Reasons Your Small Business Should Rent A Storage Unit

Posted on: 10 December 2015

Self storage has become just as American as apple pie and white picket fences. They are the perfect place to put all the things that you need to hang on to, but don't need access to very often. Because the space is cheaper than square footage in your commercial space, it is a good option for businesses as well. Here are a few things you might consider moving off site to a storage unit.

Second Location For Important Documents

Any documentation that you want to ensure you never lose must be kept in more than one location. No matter how well you secure them, it only takes one serious fire or flood to destroy them. Even digital copies are not immune to destruction, so while digitizing your documents might take up less space and be more reliable, it won't completely prevent you from losing them.

A storage unit will give you a second location, especially if you have quite a few boxes that you need to store. If you are investing in a climate controlled unit, it is also a suitable location for electronic storage, although this usually takes up less space. Regardless of the type of documentation you are storing, if something does happen, you will be happy to have the extra copies.

Keep Extra Inventory Out of the Way

While you always want to keep physical inventory as low as possible, this isn't always possible. Pending sales, upcoming holidays, and unexpected back stock can often create situations that result in having more inventory on hand than you immediately need. If your business is small enough that a warehouse is not a reasonable expense for your inventory, a storage unit is the perfect choice for dealing with that extra stock.

The best part of using a storage unit is, while it is out of the way, it isn't so far out of the way that you can't stop by quickly whenever you need more product. Also, because your contract is month to month, you can adjust the amount of storage space you have throughout the year as your inventory ebbs and flows. While keeping storage in the back office might be a bit more convenient, you won't be able to adjust your floor space to ensure you aren't paying for room you aren't using.

Store Things You May Need Later

It can sometimes be tough to figure out what supplies you will need for your business down the road and what you can get rid of. The banner you purchased for a charity event might remain useful for a school job fair or a community outreach event. Extra parts for computers are far easier to pull from storage when something breaks than to try and purchase at the last minute. However, all of these occasional need items take up a lot of space. It can be hard to justify the space in the office, even though it is the more cost effective option.

Self storage solves this problem by giving you a safe place to store these random items without having them clutter up your office. Once or twice a year you can head over to the unit to reevaluate and re-inventory what you have in the unit. Some items that you thought would be useful might have gotten too old or have simply been replaced and it is time to dispose of them.

Storage units from companies like have become so popular because they are so useful. Moving a few key items out of the office and into a storage unit will give you more space for being productive where it really counts. Investing in a unit with good security and climate controls will ensure that your items are just as safe there as they would be in the office.


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