5 Tips To Achieve Optimum Banner Placement At Trade Shows

Posted on: 3 March 2016

If your company is renting space at a trade show or conference and you will likely bring banner stands to help promote or explain your business. It is important to think critically about your banner placement in order to increase the visibility of your banners and make sure that you make a good first impression with potential business contacts. The following five tips will make sure that your banners are placed in the most effective places to increase visibility during trade shows and conferences. 

Stay Within Your Designated Area 

With space at most trade shows at a premium, it can be tempted to edge your banners out into an aisle or into the space next to your booth. However, this can irritate your neighbors, the trade show hosts, and even the attendees. Your trade show neighbors do not want to compete with someone who is breaking the rules and are less likely to keep pleasant relations during the show if your banner is moved into their area. Trade show hosts will likely ask you to move your banner back into your area if it is in the pathway where attendees walk. 

Attendees, the people you most want to impress with your booth and banners, will be annoyed if they have to sidestep your banner or if your banner causes a clog in the flow of foot traffic at a show. 

At less crowded shows, you may be able to creep a few inches into the walkway with your banners. But at a crowded trade show, it is safest to keep your banners in your designated area. 

Keep Your Banners Towards the Front of Your Area 

You may be tempted to put your booth at the edge of your designated area so you are near trade show attendees and can talk to people as they pass by. However, if your banners are placed behind or within your booth, it is likely that they will not be seen. Instead, put your banners on the front edge of your space and place your booth slightly behind them. 

Keep Your Banners Off Your Stage 

If you are at a crowded trade show, you may decide to bring a stage to lift your booth off of the floor and make it more noticeable. If you do, your banners should be placed near the bottom of the stairs to your stage as opposed to on your stage. This keeps your banners at eye-level for people who are wandering the show but still helps them serve as a welcome to people who want to enter your area. 

Create a Photo Area Near Your Banner Stand

If attendees have a reason to take photos at your booth, because you have a fun interactive aspect or a celebrity guest, make sure you set the photo area near your banners. This will help your banners get into photos and make it more likely that attendees will remember your brand while they are going over their pictures. Additionally, the pictures they take will serve as extra advertising for you when they are shared on social media if they contain your logo. 

Emphasize Your Banner 

To help make your banner stand out, you should emphasize it. This starts with a quality banner and a solid design. However, emphasis can be increased by placing a few balloons, flowers, or other decorations around your banner to give it a more 3-dimensional appearance. 

Among all of the excitement at a trade show, you have to do everything you can to help your company get noticed. Correct placement of banner stands can help attendees notice you while effectively increasing your brand recognition. 


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