Mold Creates Hidden And Severe Dangers

Posted on: 11 May 2017

The presence of mold is hardly welcome. In addition to looking downright gruesome, black mold is dangerous. The dangers extend beyond the problems associated with breathing in black mold spores. Mold likes to eat and wood is among the fungi's favorite menu items. As wood in the home is consumed by mold, the wood becomes seriously rotted. Unless mold is detected at an early stage and removed, a house could deteriorate until the premises become structurally unsafe to occupy.

The Ruined House in Seattle

In Seattle, a home was completely and utterly destroyed by mold and other problems. The house is a perfect example of how serious the damage from the untreated mold can become. The condition of the house in Seattle is the result of continual neglect beyond the point when the home reached "condemned status." A property does not need to reach this level of disastrous neglect before something should be done to address things. Danger levels are going to be high once the mold has started to destroy previously sound components in a home.

The Floorboards Start to Go

Upon stepping on floorboards, a sinking feeling may be noticed. Never consider this problem to be a minor one or something that is acceptable. Wood that is so moldy and rotted that it gives way once weight is placed on it is potentially very dangerous. No one really knows how much weight floorboards can support when mold has eaten away at the wood. The support afforded by the floorboards is going to continue to weaken as the mold eats more and more of the wood. Ignoring the problem could prove devastating. The floor could give way under the weight of someone walking across it, leading to a serious injury.

One Problem Equals One Warning

The example of the floorboards should lead homeowners to wonder what else may be wrong with the property. Weakened floorboards could be the most advanced and most noticeable problem manifesting due to the presence of mold. Other devastating issues may be lurking outside of obvious notice. Assuming that the visible problems are the only problems could lead to unexpected and costly surprises.

Testing the Home

Once the sight and smells of mold and mildew become apparent, calling in a professional service like Donofrio & Associates for home mold testing is a must. The service can determine where mold is present and how severe the problem is. Once things are revealed, steps can be taken to remedy the dangerous problem.


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