Tips For Customizing Name Plates For Your Employees

Posted on: 6 September 2018

If you have decided that it is time to give all of your employees their own name plates for their desks or cubicles, you might find that you are interested in the customization of them. This will give your employees a little more joy when they receive their name plates and you can easily show them how much you appreciate them through this thoughtful gift for their desks. Here are some of the ways you might want to customize their name plates:

Use Their Nicknames

Unless you will have customers or clients coming directly to their desks or cubicles, there may be no need to always use the formal name of the employee, especially if the majority of the people in the office know them by their nickname. Using their nickname, as long as it is an acceptable one for an office setting, is a great way to show them that you are in touch with what happens in the office and that they are not just another number on the payroll.

Add A Quote

Is there a favorite quote or saying that some of your employees like to use often? Maybe it was something funny that they said at the last Christmas party that no one can ever forget about. Then again, maybe they were the ones that came up with the next big idea that helped set their department, or even the entire company, apart from everyone else. All you need to do is purchase a large enough name plate so you can include not just their name, but a quote or a tidbit of information that you would like them to be recognized for.

Upgrade The Materials Used

It might cost a little more, but if you are buying name plates for everyone in your office, you may be able to get a cheaper rate for buying in bulk. Instead of opting for the cheapest name plate possible, you might want to go a grade or two above the cheapest style. This extra effort, and money, will show your employees that this is something that you put a lot of thought into for them, and that you wanted to make sure that they had something that reflects how much you appreciate their hard work.

Always make sure that you are investigating the reputation of the company before purchasing from them, especially if you are placing a very large order. This is to ensure that you will get everything that you want without any problems.


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