What Are Some Of The Problems When Buying An SSL Certificate

Posted on: 5 December 2018

When you are setting up a new business website, obtaining an SSL certificate is one of the most important things you can do. The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate is a protected cryptography protocol that protects data that is sent between a computer and a server.  If you will be sending data to a server or customers will be entering data on your website that will also go through a server, that data needs to be properly encrypted so it is protected from hackers. However, obtaining an SSL certificate can be a little bit of a challenge. Here is a look at some of the problems you can run into when trying to purchase SSL certificates

You have problems verifying that you are the owner of the attached email address. 

When you submit your information to get an SSL certificate, you will have to have a domain email address attached that can be verified as your own. If you cannot verify this information, it can make it tricky to get the SSL approved. This is a security safeguard to ensure the rightful owner will be getting emails coming from the site, so there are not really any workarounds if you cannot verify that you are indeed the owner of the email address you listed. In a worst-case scenario, you may have to create a new attached email to the domain and resubmit for certificate approval. 

You have problems because your website domain is not properly registered. 

Say you bought a certain domain and decided to get an SSL certificate for that domain, but the registration of that domain was handled by the seller. Unfortunately, if there are problems with the registry of that domain, it can make it really hard to get an SSL certificate for it. One of the most common problems, when buyers pick up a used domain, is double registration, since domain registrations can take a while to come off of the registration listing. You also cannot get an SSL certificate for a domain that has an internal server name. 

You have problems because you actually need a multi-domain SSL certificate. 

If you only have one registered domain that your business will be operating, a standard SSL certificate is all you need. However, you cannot obtain a standard SSL certificate if you have multiple domains that need to be protected. If you submit your request for a standard SSL and list multiple domains, your request will get held up and eventually rejected by the certificate provider. 


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