Three Enticing Things About Working As A Brand Ambassador At A Festival

Posted on: 5 August 2019

When you think of temp work, you might think of reporting to a cubicle Monday through Friday, but you'll be relieved to know that there are many other types of temp positions that are available — and that you'll likely find to be more exciting. If you live in a city that has frequent festivals during the summer, there may be an opportunity to get temp work as a brand ambassador. This position involves working for a brand that is seeking to raise awareness of its product or services. This is an exciting type of work with plenty of enticing elements, including the following.

A Popular Role

Brand ambassadors at summer festivals won't have a dull minute from the time that they report for work until the end of the night. Generally, brands seek to create buzz through giveaways, which usually means that brand ambassadors are tasked with handing out freebies to people. You might be giving out accessories such as sunglasses and sunscreen, tech devices, or even refreshments. The common thread is that regardless of what you're handing out, you'll have a crowd of happy people around you much of the time.

Active Social Media

As part of your work as a brand ambassador, your employer may ask you to help promote their brand on social media, too. In an effort to seem authentic, they may simply allow you to write your own posts and take your own photos so that your updates have a natural, rather than contrived, appearance. You'll undoubtedly have fun snapping selfies in which you're holding the company's products, and you'll also start to see an increase in your social media followers.

An Opportunity To Socialize

As a brand ambassador, you'll be dealing with people for the entirety of your work shift. This might not be the best position for an introvert, but if you're someone who can't get enough of socializing, this temp job can definitely be the right choice for you. Your upbeat personality will help to spread the message about the brand, and you'll feel as though you can just be yourself. This isn't the case with many other types of temp work, especially those that require you to sit quietly in an office. While you should never lose sight of the fact that you're on duty and have a role to perform, being able to socialize as a big part of your job can be appealing.

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