How An Online Cancer Support Community Can Help You After You've Been Diagnosed With Cancer

Posted on: 10 September 2019

When you're diagnosed with cancer, you face an uncertain future, and it can be worrisome. You may wonder how you'll feel and what kind of treatments you'll have to go through. Having people to lean on for support is helpful when you face a health crisis. An online cancer support community could be what you need. Here's why you may want to reach out to an online community.

You Can Interact On Your Own Schedule

In-person support groups can be helpful too, but these are at scheduled times. The timing may conflict with your schedule, or you may not feel like leaving the house to go to a meeting. Plus, the groups may only meet weekly, and you might benefit from more frequent interaction and support. An online community has members from various time zones, so it's easy to find someone online to talk to when you need someone to listen. You can talk with others facing the same issues as you any time you feel like it and as often as you want.

You Learn About Treatments

A benefit of an online community is that it has a diverse group of people who have had different experiences. You'll learn how others have coped with side effects of cancer therapies, so your struggle may be relieved somewhat by following their advice for dealing with nausea, chills, and hair loss. Plus, you may even learn about different treatments others undergo so you can discuss them with your doctor when you're deciding on the right way to treat your own cancer.

You Can Help Others

An online support group isn't only about others helping you, you can help other people too. Helping others who struggle can make you feel better. Being there to offer encouragement or give tips for dealing with loss of appetite or pain takes the focus away from your problems and gives you a sense of purpose at a time when it helps to feel needed.

You May Find It Easier To Talk To Strangers

Although your family means well and they probably want to support you too, it may be difficult for you to talk with them about your fears. You don't want to worry and stress your family or friends, and because of that, you may find it easier to open up to strangers. Being able to discuss your fears, worries, and struggles helps you deal with stress. Interacting with others going through the same emotions helps you know your feelings are heard and understood.

Battling cancer is hard, but doing it with the help of a supportive community makes it a little easier. You can still join a support group through your church or hospital, but having an online cancer support community to turn to as well means you'll have support any time you need it.


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