Drug Evaluations — Critical First Steps For Effective Substance Abuse Treatment

Posted on: 14 April 2020

Substance abuse and addiction can make people feel alone and isolated. You might often feel as if no one else understands what you are going through and that no one at all can relate to your experiences. While you are a unique person with unique needs and experiences, that doesn't mean that no one else understands or can relate. Addiction affects every individual in a unique and profound way. There's no denying that and it isn't always easy for you to put into words what is going on. That is why drug evaluations play such important roles in the substance abuse treatment process.

What are Drug Evaluations?

Drug evaluations are used to determine the extent of substance abuse problems individuals may experience. Because substance abuse affects individuals so intimately, affecting every aspect of their lives, it is necessary to determine the following:

  • Whether addiction or dependence exists.
  • The full extent and scope of the addiction.
  • Potential co-occurring conditions (physical and mental health concerns as well as additional addictions).
  • How completely the addiction affects your life.
  • A clearer picture of circumstances surrounding your life and who you are so the medical team can treat your addiction more effectively.

It sounds like a lot for one simple evaluation but drug evaluations are widely used and highly effective. More importantly, it can prove instrumental in helping to identify specific needs during treatment for people who may face greater-than-expected withdrawal symptoms or difficulty during the detoxification aspects of treatment.

Why are Drug Evaluations Needed?

In some instances, it isn't always easy to identify behaviors that are related to substance abuse or other disorders. At other times, people who have substance abuse addictions and disorders are less than forthcoming about their drug use. Some of them hide their substance abuse completely while others are reluctant to divulge the full extent of the problem. This makes treatment more difficult. Some resist treatment altogether.

Drug evaluations offer a bigger picture image of the situation, helping physicians and counselors approach substance abuse treatment with the right tools to provide helpful counsel to the men and women in their care.

Whether court-ordered or just as a standard part of the substance abuse treatment process, drug evaluations can reveal things to patients and physicians alike. Use the information revealed through the evaluation to help yourself get the new beginning you deserve. It can be the first step toward a happier, healthier you.


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