How to Rock Your Next Registered Nurse Job Interview

Posted on: 11 September 2020

Being a registered nurse is a rewarding profession that gives you the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the people who walk into a hospital every day. Once you've completed nursing school, successfully passed the certification tests, and sent out resumes, it's time to take the final step to reach your career goals: ace the interview. Uncertainty about the interview process, however, can cause some anxiety leading up to the big day. Here are 3 tips to help you properly prepare and ease your mind before your next nursing job interview.

1) Do some research about the facility.

One of the most important tips for any interview is to come in equipped with a bit of background knowledge about the company. For a nursing interview, this is especially relevant. Your prospective employer will want to see that you have conducted research and know something about the facility. Often, the interviewer will ask what you know about the specific hospital, so a lack of preparation on your part could quickly become apparent.

To ensure that you'll be able to handle questions about the facility, there are a few simple steps you can take before the interview. Visit the hospital's website to locate important details about the hospital, such as the company's mission, values, and history. You'll also find valuable information on the website that will tell you if the hospital has ever won any special awards and what range of services are offered there. Look at the hospital's social media pages to gain additional insight into the company culture by reading posts and reviews from employees and patients. With this data, you will be prepared to show the interviewer how your own values align with those of the hospital, making you a good fit for the job. 

2) Be ready for situational questions related to your past nursing experience.

Besides being a good cultural fit, you will need to demonstrate that you have the right practical experience for the job. The interviewer will likely ask you several questions that test how you would respond to certain situations that you might encounter as a nurse in the hospital. Practice your answers to possible questions that you might be asked, and be sure to include specific examples of your own past experience in your responses. Try to illustrate instances when you showed effective communication, teamwork, time management, and problem-solving. 

3) Have a list of 3–4 questions of your own to ask at the end of the interview.

As the interview draws to a close, you'll be asked if you have anything that you would like to know as well. Carefully chosen questions will show the interviewer that you are truly interested in the job and that you wish to learn more about the opportunity. You may wish to ask about the orientation process or mentorship after training. Inquire about staffing ratios, performance measurement for nurses, and how weekend rotations are handled. You might also ask what challenges the nurses on the team are facing on a daily basis or what the nurses like the most about working there. While you may have several questions, try to narrow down to 3 or 4 of the best from your list. If you're worried that you might forget your questions on the day, it's okay to jot them down on a notepad to bring with you to the interview.

Along with these simple tips, remember to smile, dress professionally, and bring a few copies of your resume with you on the day of the interview. For more tips, contact services that offer registered nurse jobs. 


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