How To Prepare For A Move During Winter When It's Cold And Snowy

Posted on: 21 December 2020

Moving companies provide services during all seasons of the year, so if you need to move in the winter, you can find a moving company to help. It might even be easier to book a mover during the winter since fewer people move during the winter months. When you book your mover, you'll want to ask about special preparations you need to make since moving in the snow or cold weather can be challenging. Here are some things you may need to do to prepare for moving day.

Protect Your Floors

You may need to put tarps on the floor to keep them dry if it's snowing while the movers load the truck. Your doors will be open a lot too, so snow might blow in. You probably don't want to spend the last day in your home cleaning and drying the carpet, so find a way to keep your floors dry and clean if possible.

Consider What To Put On The Truck

Talk to the mover about how the cold weather will affect what you put on the moving truck. If your move is local, the truck may be unloaded in time before cold weather can harm electronics and other items. Your mover will let you know if there are things that are better moved in your heated car. They might recommend you double wrap or insulate certain items to protect them from the cold.

Clean Off The Steps And Sidewalk

Protect the moving crew by making your steps, porch, and sidewalk safe to walk on. You might need to remove snow and ice and put down salt so the concrete isn't slippery. Be sure to do this for your old house and the new one so the moving crew can start unloading at your new house right away.

Be Ready To Dry Off Furniture And Boxes

If it starts snowing or raining when the mover is loading or unloading the truck, they may take care by covering wood furniture and other things with moving blankets or towels. The movers might even have a canopy they can put up. Once your things are unloaded in your new home, take time to dry everything as soon as it comes in the door if needed. Snow shouldn't get your things too wet, but you'll want to keep your belongings dry if possible, especially if you may not get around to unpacking the boxes for several days.

Stay Flexible If Possible

Moving companies have experience moving in bad weather, but your mover might have to postpone moving day if snow is heavy or if the roads are too icy. The company values the safety of its employees and your belongings, so they want the moving truck to stay safe on the road. When you're moving in the winter, it's best not to schedule the move for the last minute, in case moving day has to be moved up or pushed back due to the weather.

For more information about helping your movers on moving day, contact a local company.


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