Should You Hire Security Guards For Your Large Wedding?

Posted on: 6 July 2021

A wedding to-do list can become quite the chore, and one thing that most people tend to forget about—or downright skip—is hiring security guard services. You want to ensure that your big day goes as perfectly as possible, so having security guards at your wedding, especially if it is one of considerable size, doesn't exactly seem way out there. While not everyone will choose to hire a security guard service for their wedding, here are a few things to take into consideration as you make your decision.

Prevent Wedding Crashers

Large weddings require a significant amount of planning, coordination, and investment, and because of this, the last thing that you want is for someone that you do not know to come in and crash your wedding, potentially ruining your special day. By hiring a security guard service, wedding crashers can be prevented in a few different ways. For one, there can be a check-in list at the entrance of the wedding. Also, or alternatively, security guards can be on patrol around the event while watching for suspicious behavior.

Control Rowdy Guests

Alcohol is a popular drink at weddings. When people consume alcohol in excess, it can lead to rowdy behavior. On your wedding day, you want to ensure everyone has fun, but you do not want anything to get out of control. As the bride or groom, you don't want to have to worry about watching everyone and what they are doing because you want to enjoy the festivities. This is where a security guard comes in, keeping a watchful eye out and escorting rowdy guests off the premises.

Protect the Wedding Gifts

When guests arrive at a wedding ceremony or the reception, a gift is often dropped off at a designated table or location. For larger ceremonies, there are likely thousands of dollars of gifts here. To prevent the left of any of these wedding gifts, a security guard can be posted at the table to monitor the table and the surrounding area. As soon as the party begins, the gifts can be packed up and transported to a secure location until the end of the wedding reception.

Secure the Parking Lot

If you are planning a large wedding, your guest list is going to be quite long. This means that you will not only have a lot of guests in attendance but there will be a lot of cars in the parking lot of the wedding venue. To ensure that guests don't have trouble finding open parking places and that the flow of traffic isn't extremely chaotic, a security guard can be hired to assist. A security guard can also patrol the parking lot to ensure that the automobiles are safe throughout the event, minimizing the risk of criminal activity and allowing guests to feel safe while at the ceremony.

For more information, contact local security guard services.


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