Benefits Of Virtual Health Care Software For Patients

Posted on: 6 September 2022

Virtual health care is an option that has become popular with patients over the past years. The use of telehealth and other alternatives to office visits helps many patients maintain their health and medical needs. As the use of this type of virtual health care increases, so does the development and implementation of virtual healthcare software. If you are still deciding if a virtual health care option would help your patients, here are some benefits to using virtual health care software

Patient Portals

One of the leading benefits of virtual health care software is the ability to offer a patient portal. These portals allow patients or their guardians to do many tasks that normally would be done over the phone or in person. For example, patient portal software allows the patient to pay their bill, review medical information, request prescription refills, and email staff regarding questions or upcoming appointments. This simplifies several operations in your facility and streamlines many processes. It also reduces confusion regarding responses to inquiries as well as the chances of requests becoming lost. 

Medical Appointment Reviews

There are many reasons your patients may need to review their past medical appointments. They may be dealing with insurance and need the last date or a diagnosis code. They may forget what was discussed or the treatment plan options you made available. They may also simply need to review the past appointments to gain peace of mind about their treatment progression. With the use of virtual health care software, they can view this information through a secured login. The login goes directly to their medical account, allowing them to view the information they need. 

Sharing Testing Results and Imaging

There are times when certain tests may be run on your patients. These tests and images can pertain to x-rays, bloodwork, and more. In some cases, either the test results or the images of the x-rays need to be sent to the patient. Virtual health care software allows for a secured transfer and communication between yourself, your staff, and the patient. The software allows you to post test results confidentially and directly to the patient. You can use the imaging options of the software to review x-rays and other imaging related to the patients vist. 

If you believe upgrading to virtual health care software and options for your patient is ideal, contact your area software provider. The healthcare software provider will discuss options and service packages with you. They can also a schedule a time for installation and for a short training session with you and your staff. Once your staff is trained, you can begin offering virtual options to your patients. 


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