Why You Should Target Several Spots For A Residential Water Well

Posted on: 2 November 2022

In the water well drilling services business, it's common to look at several possible locations for installing a well. Residential water well drilling services customers may wonder if this is necessary. Let's look at why it may be a good idea to have several targets in mind.

Research Time

Especially if you have no starting point for where to put a well, there's a good chance you're going to have to do some research anyhow. Rather than rushing to find the first possible location for water well drilling, you should take the entirety of your allotted research time to see how many good locations you can identify. Not only will this provide additional options for your current drilling effort, but it can add value to the property. Particularly in rural regions with dry conditions, knowing there are additional drill sites on a property can assure future owners they'll have options if the current well goes dry or has other issues.

Water Quality

Until you've tested everything, the unknown unknowns will hang over all residential water well drilling services work. Even if the local geological and hydrological features indicate you're drilling in a great location, you might just have bad luck with water quality. A spot where the water should be clean could be contaminated by metals, gases, or bacteria, for example. You just don't know whether you're going to have to do more water well drilling until you've received the test results.

Line Pressure

The ideal scenario is that the water well delivers all the water pressure you need. For example, you might find an excellent spot on the top of a hill above the house. However, you might also strike water in a location where the pressure isn't great. Then you'll have to decide whether pumping is a reasonable option or if it would be simpler to sink another test well. In many cases, testing the pressure at multiple locations will improve your odds of getting good pressure.

While it's usually possible to create enough pressure using pumps, there are limitations. The pumps will limit the overall capacity because they need to maintain pressure. Likewise, running pumps constantly means they'll have shorter service lives and require more replacements and repairs.


Every well needs time to replenish after usage. Residential water well drilling services contractors can test how quickly the well will bounce back by pumping a day's worth of water usage out and then seeing what the water level is after 24 hours. If the well can't keep up, you'll need to drill at different locations until you find one that can.

For more information on water well drilling, contact a company near you.


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