How Predictive Dialing Software Can Change Your Outbound Calling

Posted on: 2 June 2019

Outbound calling, whether for sales or as a marketing tactic, is notoriously time-consuming due to the number of people who no longer answer unfamiliar numbers. Predictive dialing software can make outbound calling easier and increase the chances that each call will lead to the desired outcome.

Hosting Options

Much like other forms of software used by businesses, predictive dialing platforms can be hosted by a third-party. This reduces the significant expense associated with installing and maintaining the hardware necessary for an outbound call center. One option for hosting that is convenient for businesses with outbound calling is the use of cloud-based software. When the software is located in the cloud, it is easy for the provider to fix any issues and update the platform as needed. Businesses can have remote access to the cloud-based platform, which adds a layer of flexibility to outbound calling. For example, more businesses are abandoning traditional work environments in favor of remote employees or contractors to handle their outbound calls. Workers can easily connect with the cloud-based system through their computer and talk to people by using a headset.

Enhanced Productivity

Predictive dialing is more efficient than using a standard list of numbers that are automatically dialed. The goal of predictive dialing is to reduce the number of calls to numbers that will not result in talking to a live person. This includes numbers that may not be associated with a residence, numbers that frequently go to voicemail, or people who traditionally hang-up or do not answer. Predictive dialing software fine-tunes the bank of possible numbers to call so the chance of a positive outcome is increased. The software also aids in productivity because callers spend more of their work hours actively talking to people and spreading their message or making sales. To increase productivity, the software may have several active lines for each representative, so there is less down-time between calls.

Better Control

On the back-end of predictive dialing software is better control for outbound call centers. Businesses that use outbound calling for different purposes will appreciate the ability to use the same software for different campaigns. They can also assign and re-assign representatives to campaigns as needed. Consistent monitoring is also important for any call center. Not only do you need quality assurance (QA) to be confident your representatives are doing their job appropriately, but you may need to monitor the amount of calls they accomplish each day. Whenever necessary, you can listen-in on calls for QA or to provide assistance. You can see which representatives are hitting their targets on a daily or weekly basis and determine if there is a way to improve their performance.

If your business does any outbound calls, predictive dialing can drastically change productivity. Additionally, using a cloud-based software can provide your business with more flexibility to have representatives working from anywhere. Contact a service, like Celerity Telecom, for more help.


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