Fire Sprinkler System - Installation Tips For Commercial Properties

Posted on: 18 May 2023

When building a commercial building from scratch, something you'll need to set up early on is a fire sprinkler system. It's important for many reasons, such as to save lives and help you pass building inspections. If you want to make sure installation for your sprinkler system goes according to plan, follow these steps.

Customize the Sprinkler System According to Building's Specifications

You can enjoy a smooth installation process with a fire sprinkler system if you customize it according to your commercial building's specifications. You'll then have total control over its design, such as the location of sprinkler heads and the water coverage they provide. 

Additionally, you can ensure the fire sprinkler system complies with relevant building regulations. So after you set it up, you know the sprinkler system won't raise red flags during annual inspections.

Have Detailed Drawings Created

Throughout a fire sprinkler install, you'll want to have a visual guide to consult with. It will then be a lot easier to move past obstacles and complete the installation in an efficient manner. Detailed drawings work well as a visual guide.

Just make sure you have the manufacturer that made the sprinkler system put them together. Every part of the sprinkler system should be labeled in picture form and installation steps should also be outlined in order. You can then just follow your guide with any professionals you hire for sprinkler installation. 

Run a Few Trial Tests After Installation

Once you get a fire sprinkler system set up correctly around your commercial property, now you need to make sure it works perfectly and according to code. In that case, run some trial tests so that you can see how the sprinkler works in real-time.

For instance, these tests help you verify each sprinkler head is responsive and that it provides the right amount of water coverage. If you notice any performance issues during these trial tests, at least you can fix them before there's a real fire in your commercial building.

A good investment for every commercial building today is a fire sprinkler system. It can neutralize fires that develop and subsequently keep people safe. If you're fixing to approach installation for said system, take as long as you need with each step and then thoroughly test the system at the end. You can then ensure the fire sprinkler system was set up successfully and will continue to work as it's supposed to.

Contact a professional today to handle your fire sprinkler installation.


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